Week 9 Autobiographical Psychosocial History Essay

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Autobiographical Psychosocial History Essay
Marquita Johnson
Psychology 201
September 15, 2013
Karen Wilson

The five concepts that I have chosen to discuss throughout my paper are: meditation, motivation, information processing, coping with stress, and parenting styles.

The first concept, meditation has worked for me very well since I have learned about it. I have done so much research on different meditation techniques people use to relieve stress and deal with everyday life, and I found one that just works for me, it is called Transcendental Meditation. This type of meditation just requires you to sit in a room quietly and think of all the things that have bothered you throughout the day, and just clear them from your mind. I was surprised the first time I tried it because it worked, and I felt a sense of peace within myself. Meditation has also served as motivation for me to get through the work week, and also through the day.
Motivation has always been something I have always had with my family. At times, my family is the biggest push I have to do better in life. They always tell me to do my best, but be better than what they are. I understand that, but sometimes it gets hard. I have this one aunt that no matter what the situation is, she always speaks of it in a positive light, and lets me know that failure is not an option for us. She is going to school to be a chef at the age of 45, and that is enough motivation for me. I feel it is enough motivation because it inspires me to go for my dream, and no matter how old you get, your dreams are still attainable as long as the information you are being taught is processed correctly, then there is no reason to fall off.
Information processing is a very interesting topic to talk about. This topic is interesting because not everybody can process and understand information at the same rate, some take a…...

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