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Week one notes
Note: These notes are not a substitute to the textbook. They merely highlight important points and add some needed information to the assigned text.

The title of this course is Management of Financial Institutions. This is a very broad and a far reaching topic. To make it possible, the course will concentrate on Bank management. Many of the concepts we will learn in course are transferable to other financial institutions.

To begin the discussion, let us define banks. What is a bank? What do Banks do? A bank is a chartered financial institution that accepts savings deposits and makes commercial loans. This is the most basic definition of a bank. However, if you look at banks, you will see that they take many types of deposits and make many types of loans. In addition, if you are familiar with banks, you will notice that they act as intermediaries in many financial transactions. The banking is a vital function of the economy; without banks, the economy will not function properly. Why?

The answer is that banks provide the link between savers and borrowers. In the US, people are net savers and businesses are net borrowers. Without banks and some other financial institutions, the borrowers, businesses, will not be able to raise finds by borrowing from people, the savers. This function takes many forms. We will look at some if these forms in this course and in other courses in the finance concentration in the MBA program.

The Nature of Banking in the US
See Chapter 1 in the Textbook
With a population of 30 million, Canada has 11 banks; Britten has 4 or 5 banks to serve 60 million citizens. Other countries have similar ratio of banks to population; about 3 to 6 million to a bank. How many banks does the US have to serve 300 million in population? The US has about 7,500 banks; this number does not include other companies that provide banking…...

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