Where Star Wars Episode Ii Went Wrong

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So, I’m going to have to do to this one what I did to the first one, and again, I fully acknowledge the Plinkett reviews as a source for me to draw from. The big difference here is that while I was more than willing to give a little leeway to The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones gets no such love. Plain and simple: this movie was terrible.

The Direction
First and foremost, we need to remember one big thing about the first 3 movies: only one was directed by George Lucas. The other 2 were done by directors Lucas respected (Kershner and Marquand). These movies are 100% Lucas and, in the case of Clones, he elected to direct a movie that was nearly entirely filmed against a green screen. This allowed him to do filming of characters against a blank canvas while allowing him to basically design whatever world he wanted around them. Green screens had long been used for special effects and matte fills, but hadn’t been used this heavily at this time. While Episode II wasn’t a full “digital backlot” film, there were tons and tons of shots that had actors doing their thing with nothing around them but green cloth.

The upside here is that digital backlots can save a lot of money in film production since you don’t have to build sets that are either very complicated (aka “expensive”) or utterly impossible. The downside is that if your director isn’t, you know… an actor’s director, the actors all end up like they’re acting in front of a bunch of green cloth because they have nothing to act against. The backgrounds can look pretty, but if you don’t have someone who can draw the best performance out of a person, then you end up with something that looks like it was staged like an elementary school play. This has the effect of drawing the viewer out of the viewing experience and making them question as to whether what they’re seeing is real or not, which kills the suspension…...

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