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Over the last few decades’ significant changes to Canada’s economy and labor force have transpired. Gone are the days where the rich owned servants and the metal smiths flourished with business. Employment became centralized around assembly lines and factory work initializing the biggest change the economy had seen and capitalists were at large with their ability to mass-produce. Post industrialism and globalism silenced the roar, leading us where we are today, with a heavily populated and unskilled service industry. This leaves society wondering, “what is the future of work”? In this written essay, we will explore the future of work by focusing on the current situations and what possibilities might transpire. The following topics will be covered:

• The real reasons for precarious work popularity and it’s outcome on the labor force
• The impact of unions and what their disappearance would bring
• Post industrial Canada and the effects of international business on industries
• Environmental threats on the primary industry
• The future of technology on work

As we’ve seen with pervious trends, the future of work is heavily reliant on the current situation. In today’s economy most workers are faced with inequality and job insecurity resulting in unemployment, precarious work, or furthermore dangerous jobs. The human capital theory suggests that an equal opportunity is available for everyone but only those individuals with the higher skill sets will end up in virtuous work opportunities (Krahn et al. 2011, p. 108). Canada’s education system is non-discriminating and it allows an equal opportunity for all citizens, which proves that the problem lies within the labor force (Krahn et al. 2011, p. 127). The nations rapid population growth will only contribute to the quick growth of the service industry, and although we rely on precarious workers the polarization…...

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