Why Humans Have Hair

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Why Humans have Hair
Long, long, long ago, in a town of black and white, called Fitzgerald, the townspeople were bald. But one day, an ordinary girl took a bite from a vegetable and changed the entire town. Her name was Repunzel. Repunzel was the only child in town with one parent, and for that, the townspeople looked down on her and her mother. For a living, they sold black tomatoes in their garden behind their house. One day, while Repunzel was gardening, two girls about the same age as Repunzel, strolled by and started taunting her. One of the short stumping girls called out, “I’m Repunzel, and I am a fatherless rag!” Then, the two girls went about their days. Repunzel sat on the soiled garden, and prayed for her father to come back to this dark world. She closed her eyes and whispered, “Father, father, why would you leave me, defenseless. I need you, I need you.” She sat and sobbed for nearly twenty minutes. After that, she had realized it was no use and she should go back to her gardening. While picking up the stems from in between the black tomatoes, she witnessed the strangest thing she had ever laid her eyes upon. An ignoramus, red tomato. Repunzel had no knowledge of the red color, and was in complete awe. She was at first petrified by this strange tomato, but she decided to feel its texture. She felt a smooth, hard tomato that was exactly like her black tomatoes in the garden, but larger, much larger. Repunzel then did not fear this abnormal colored tomato, and had then decided to take a bite and see how it tasted. The red tomato was too heavy too remove from the stem so she knelt down and took a bite. Soon after the red tomato was processing in her body, Repunzel was a light weight and was woozy. She had then collapsed to the ground. In her deep sleep, she dreamt of her father telling her everything was going to be okay and that he was going to fix her…...

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