Winning Is Not the Most Important Thing in Life

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“Winning is not the most important thing in life – it’s everything.” Do you agree? LOA:
Winning should merely remain a constantly-refined target that keeps changing after being achieved, not to be overly obsessed over at the expense of forgoing other important aspects, such as morals.
Topic sentence 1:
Indeed, winning seems to be the equation to maximizing satisfaction in life because of its merits.
Pt 1: Only winners are remembered, not losers.
E.g: Most people only remember victorious sportsmen and teams. People only remember Usain Bolt for winning his Olympic Gold Medal the 2012 Summer Olympics, but not many can recall that Yohan Blake, a fellow Jamaican, won the silver medal.

Pt 2: The accolades and prizes won give people instant gratification and more importantly, recognition for their hardwork.
E.g: Cristiano Ronaldo finally won his first Ballon d’Or after years of effort in 2013 and he was seen in tears while clutching on to his prize – a testament to how gratifying he felt for receiving it.
Topic sentence 2:
Winning is Hobson’s Choice when high stakes are involved.
e.g: Singapore and other nations which lack in natural resources have to compete on the global scale via innovation and efficiency to sustain their countries’ progress. Any platform lost might be detrimental to the development of the country, in terms of financial costs and reputation tarnished.
E.g On a micro level, students and companies fight over tooth and nail to achieve their desired results which are important for their future survival.

Topic sentence 3:
Instead of winning, the hunger and yearning to triumph is everything.
Pt 1: The desire to win is what makes progress, rather than winning itself
E.g: World no. 1 badminton player Lee Chiong Wei did not stop practicing and refining his skill when he was crowned winner of the Swiss Open, his first major achievement.

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