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Works of Art
Lisa Auler
September 16, 2012
Alyson Covino

Picasso’s Seated Bather
Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881. Picasso began painting at the age of 10. Picasso was a known artist and greatly known for his abstract paintings.
Pablo Picasso’s painting of the Seated Bather was a portrait of his first wife Olga Khokhlova. In the first painting of his wife it showed a beautiful woman sitting on an embroidered arm chair, but after years of marriage Picasso seen his wife in a different way. In his portrait of her as the Seated Bather it showed her as a frigid cold woman with jagged teeth and a bony thin body. This portrait was made to show the tension he experienced in his marriage.
“Picasso had two wives and many mistresses, all of whom had a profound effect on the work he produced during the years when he pursued, wooed and won them over-and through to the foundering of their relationships”( November 19,2011 Amanda Renshaw). When Picasso loved all of these women he painted them as he saw them, beautiful, but when he became bored with them, he painted them as frightening creatures.
Picasso was not out to destroy the women he loved. Painting was Picassos way of expressing himself and letting things go, just as a person might do by writing in a diary. It was his way of expressing his feelings. Picasso did not paint these portraits with the intention of them going up on museum walls. He sold them because he had to make a living.
Picasso’s paintings had meaning even though nobody ever really understood them. His portraits and paintings were abstract and had a meaning to him. Even though he never intended for these pictures to be in museums, they were. Picasso became a very successful and famous artist over the years.

Howling Wolf’s Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge

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