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World Forums
Everett Cordy,
Student ID#: A00186883
MGMT 8010 – Management in Human and Societal Development
Winter Quarter, 2011
Professor: Dr. Kenneth Sherman
Walden University

January 11, 2012
This paper critically examines contrasting worldviews on corporate and civil society. To facilitate this examination, a comparison of the values and purposes of the World Social Forum is contrasted with those of the World Economic Forum. The analysis concludes that, without individual and governmental input, corporate action cannot be relied upon to improve the state of the world.


World Forums Without a doubt, the values of the “haves and have not’s” has been in increasing, not only on a national scale, but also on a global scale. From ‘state house’ to ‘hut house’, it is obvious that today’s emphasis on ‘money at any costs’ has resulted in a perversion of the Golden Rule, resulting in “those who have the gold, make the rule”. Not only has this attitude resulted in an abandonment of values that underpin traditional American values of democracy, respect and value of differing cultures, it exacerbates a legacy of American and European colonialism on a global scale. This attitude is manifested in American and European government and corporate policies and actions that erode the principles of corporate social responsibility.
World Social Forum and the World Economic Forum The World Social Forum is an open meeting place where social movements, networks, Non-Government Organizations (NGSs) and other civil society organizations opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate proposals, share their…...

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