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Fundamentals of Speech
Professor Tomeic
14 January 2013
Purpose: My Cultural Heritage
I. Introduction A. Attention Material: What is the Bahamas to you? B. Tie To Audience: To you, it may be a vacation spot, a business trip or a sweet escape? C. Credibility Statement: Too me, the Bahamas is who I am, it’s my home. D. Thesis: What may be just a getaway to some people, is the place that made me who I am today, a great athlete, a beauty queen and most of all a humble and very sincere person. 1. School life for me was very different in the Bahamas from America. We wore red and white uniforms with black shoes and frilly socks. 2. Gjffrvfvvvc q vbffd gfearth science. 3. The same teacher, taught all subjects in one class and we were allowed two recesses.
Transition: As a child I played catch n freeze, which I think helped me become a great athlete. 1. In my country I was known as the fastest sprinter of my age category. 2. Every year there would be an array of athletic competitions; of course this was my favorite time because I would always shine by coming in 1st place at each sprinting event. 3. Besides being the fastest sprinter I ran marathons and played softball. I was an all around athlete.
Transition: I lived in a neighborhood called Beverly Hills. 1. In order to get to my house, there was this huge hill you had to go over which is part of the reason we called it Beverly Hills, but it was mostly because of the two story homes. 2. Every home had no less than five bedrooms and five bathrooms, not to mention the school was just a hop and a skip away. 3. Everyone knew each other because it was a pretty small town; we were more like family than neighbors.
Transition: “Pageant Queen” was my 2nd title, which I wore proudly. 1. I guess you can say I had the best of both worlds; I was an…...

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